What is the Service Bureau Accelerator? | Service Bureau Accelerator Podcast E3

by | Sep 4, 2023

This week, the SBA team dives into what the Service Bureau Accelerator is all about. Discover how mindset training, creating value, and developing marketing strategies can help you grow your service bureau business today. The team also covers the importance of taking action and dispels the myth of building a fully automated business right from the start.



Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • What is mindset training and goal setting in the service bureau industry?
  • How to create massive value through software packages — emphasizing how offering more than just software is crucial to attracting the best customers.
  • Tax goddess Tia, Baldeep, and Ross explore marketing strategies and revenue models in the service bureau industry.
  • Introducing you to the different revenue models available for service bureaus and understanding these strategies so you can effectively market your services and optimize your revenue potential.
  • How to avoid getting stuck in the process of automating the business too early.



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[00:00:00] the people at the top set the standard. That’s just always my belief. Like whether you’re in a leadership position, sales service bureau, you set the standard for everyone under you. And not saying that people are puppets, what I’m saying is people follow trends, they follow things.

One of the things that. You guys? What I love the most, and it may not be popular amongst the group, is you all really focus on mindset training. And that was so different for me. I actually started reading more books because of Ross’s mindset training. Like the more I read it, the more I implement it. Okay, I love that. But, it’s because I was introduced to it. So now I’m learning more and doing more about mindset because I was introduced to it. And now Service Bureau Accelerator has set the standard that in order for you to be successful externally, internally, you have to also be successful.

(Opening Sequence)

[00:01:00] Welcome to the Service Bureau Accelerator Podcast, episode number three. So I am here with Ross, Uncle Ross, daddy Ross, however he is known in the group.

Tia the Tax Goddess Service Bureau Accelerator Community Liaison. Ross, do you want to dive into what today’s topic is?

Yeah, let’s dive into it. So today we’re gonna talk about what is the service bureau accelerator. Last couple episodes we kind of dove [00:02:00] into the industry, understanding what it means to be a service bureau, all that kind of fun stuff. So now we want to take an opportunity to kind of talk a little bit about our program, the Service Bureau accelerator why we started it, what is the program about what’s included in it.

All the ins and outs, the give you the whole scoop about the program. So with that, why don’t we start off with actually why we started this program because you know, we’ve been in the industry, working in the industry, I should say, for, at least on the, you know working in industry side for about the last, what, six, seven years.

But all of you obviously you have a lot more experience, you know, in the industry. Years, years and years and years more experience. But we had been working, you know, with a lot of tax offices helping them grow and helping them grow their business. And we really kind of saw it, started to see a lot of people that had some pretty bad deals on their software.

And we kind of had an opportunity and we started kind of growing our service bureau a little bit passively working with you know, another team that we’re. You know, we would just kind of funnel off a lot of our leads and a lot of our [00:03:00] clients and help them get set up on software with better deal points.

And then we realized that there was a whole other opportunity that we could really help a lot of people get into the industry as a service bureau and help them grow that business. So, Baldeep, if you wanna take it from there just really kind of the, the story of the inception of the service.

Well, I think, it’s something that was years in the making where obviously I started my service bureau years ago. It was always something I did passively and it did really well. It made money. And like I mentioned on the webinars, you know, my first service bureau I started, I knew a lot of people in the industry.

Set ’em up on software, kept it super simple and you know, it kind of came at a good time. Cause that first year I was like, oh shit, I just made a hundred grand and I didn’t have to touch a tax return, I didn’t have to deal with any customers, I didn’t have to do anything way better. Now we kind of veered off into the marketing side.

That’s when Ross and Jameson, and that’s how, actually how we met Tia too. Tia was a customer over the marketing. Right.

What a bad deal.

What the what? Yeah. But in those conversations, you know, we started looking at, all right, growing our service bureau. We saw a lot of people [00:04:00] with really bad software deals, really bad.

There’s actually somebody that’s in the SBA group, the SBA, for those of you guys who aren’t in the community as just service Bureau Accelerator, everyone calls it SBA. There’s one person who actually is in the SBA group, signed up with SBA, but the year we launched it, and I felt so bad for her, the deal that she had.

She was getting so ripped off that I ended up just giving her software for free that year before she, then we launched Service for Accelerator and she joined. But no, I think of a lot of it just started out in just seeing, hey, there’s a lot of, a lot of people with shitty software deals that don’t know what to do.

We saw people asking us a lot of questions like, Hey, what’s a service bureau? How do you get involved and how do you do it? And when I started looking, I’m like, boy, there’s really no one talking about this. It’s very hush hush. I think outside of us, it’s very hush. Like it’s us. Now, people in our community talking about those opportunities, people don’t really want you to know what’s out there because they’re afraid they’re gonna lose business.

[00:05:00] I think one of the things that really just kind of, gave me a light bulb moment in a sense. When I just saw like a lot of people just doing bullshit or, you know, people would come to us and say, Hey, in our marketing webinars for like our other stuff, we say, Hey, can you send me product leads for my service bureau?

Or can you send me clients? And I would ask them, well, so what do you offer in your service bureau? What makes you different? And that that was it.

Tech support.

That, no, this guy’s like, well, I could offer free software. And I’m like, well, you and everybody else. What makes you different?

Like what do you do? Like what are you doing? Right? So I think a lot of it just came down from like us seeing people with shitty software deals. Not really understanding, and we’re like, Hey, look, there’s a lot of shitty service bureaus out there and there’s a lot of people that I think could be better and let’s just show people what it is.

And we started it and we were like, all right, when we go through this exercise with people in our group, how do you put together a program? How do you put together a package? We just [00:06:00] laid out what is exactly everything that we would possibly want in a service bureau accelerator. Aside from the software, obviously we talked about that in prior episodes, but here’s the software deal. Cool, software deal, best software deal in the industry. I feel.

Now, what do we need to provide them as part of the accelerator part of it? And that’s kind of how it started. Tia, I don’t know if you want to add add. Well, you kind of came in right in the first sale.

Yeah, I was a part of the the test trials. So we have three errors. The first errors called the OGs, you know, we were the gangsters that toughed it out. Bad webinars, low quality training, you know.

Hey, hey, hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Low quality training.

We were committed, you know, then you had the re-up. That was last year. You know, they got the Mighty Networks, you know, the nice layout they had all the spotlights, all the good stuff, and then 3.0 Yeah, they just killing [00:07:00] it this year. But what I can say is that whether you were part of the OGs or the 3.0, you have access.

We have access to everything. Everything. I will say that I met Baldeep in another program and then I sent him a private message about like my software. And see, I didn’t know a lot, but I knew enough like this doesn’t sound right, so when I sent Baldeep, the message about it. And I guess it had just been happening pretty frequently.

That’s when he’s like, Hey, I’m doing something different this summer. You know, teaching how to be a service bureau, and I’m like, okay, cool. I’m there. I got myself a software deal..


Billing Info’s already on file. Just run it.

It’s just like such an extreme amount of trust that we know. When you guys send the email out, okay. Get your cards ready, everybody.

It’s gonna be something, but it’s gonna be great. And this was one of those like big, great things that just happened to like really work out and not to be funny. I don’t know what else you [00:08:00] guys have created, but I think this is the best.

You were in ESM, but yeah, I think this is, if I had to compare this is there’s way more in here than anywhere else. Yeah.

No, this is like shitting on E

Well, if you look at it, and I’ll tell you in business sense why. Right. ESM, just like with any marketing program out there, like if you guys go pay marketers, right? ESM, there’s one fee, right? Or if you’re like doing, in a different industry, you’re paying monthly for a marketing company, right?

Yes. There’s a lot of extra trainings in ESM. I think it was a good, good, great program where there was a lot more than just marketing in there with a lot of business operations training like systems and processes for your tax business. But at the end of the day, we don’t benefit after for anything. You know what I mean?

Like, you could go get like, you did really well Tia, right? You were, I remember with E S M, you were like, oh look, I added this much, like an extra what? 5,000 grand? I don’t know what the number was at the time.

It was a lot. I was shocked. I was one of those people where in the last episode [00:09:00] that unsuspected check, who is this? I’m leaving, you know, to see, you know, just a random five figures in your bank account. You’re just like, okay, yeah, I can do this more often.


Let me learn more about it. But for people who had never experience it just coming in off the fly. And you guys just pitching it.

Well, I was talking, yeah, I was talking more about like, Hey, on your tax business, the benefit you got on that side, the extra money you made on the tax business, we don’t make anything off of that. Right. We just got whatever you paid us for the coaching program or whatever it was.

With service Bureau Accelerator, the better you do, the more money you make. Yeah. We benefit from the volume because if you’re not making that extra money, then we’re not getting that volume, right? That we make extra money per product on the volume as well. So I think that with this program and the reason why, I think we dive into it a lot more.

We spend a lot more time with the group. We make a lot more training, we do a lot more in this then versus anything else is because all interests are aligned. Right. If you’re making money, we’re making money. If you’re not making [00:10:00] money, we’re not making money. So how do we help you make money? Right?

And it’s, see, it’s all round. It’s literally all year round.

And that’s the thing too, like that, I think that’s what kind of also makes us different from other people out there. Like most of the attack, like even like last week, the two software companies, like they’re on their fucking post-season break and all that stuff. We’re just getting started.

You know what I mean? Like, we’re just getting started. Like there’s other people out there that, there’s, I’m not gonna mention these, but there’s somebody that joined our group and said the person they got their software from last year, their service bureau deal or whatever, because they, I think they had a service bureau deal with them.

They’re like, they don’t even answer the phone. They don’t. And like, granted, we do answer the phone, but our best supports the ticketing. They don’t even get back to them on any of the ticketing stuff, emails, nothing, because guess what? The majority of the industry is not around right now.

It’s seasonal they’ll come back to you once the fall comes and start calling you and harassing you. Hello? It’s time to renew, time to enroll whatever your objective of your business [00:11:00] is. But they’re just gone this time of year. And it’s funny, even when we launched SBA, when we launched SBA, one of the people at one of the software companies we work with, they made a comment to me.

They’re like, how are you, because we’re selling in May, June, July, August. Like we were signing people up, right? He’s like, how are you getting tax officers on the phone in the summer? Like, that’s how the industry feels. Like if the top people in the software companies feel like they can’t speak to you in the summertime, you think they’re gonna staff up and be available for you?

No, we’re just in this time of year, like, as we’re recording, it’s May 26, 2023. Like, we’re about to start our kickoff for our trainings all summer long. We got our event, our first live convention for just our members, at the end of June, right? So we’re just getting started.

So I think that really makes, sets us apart from a lot of other people out there, cause they’re just not available.

And that thing, what people don’t understand is that on this, especially if you’re at [00:12:00] tax office ERO you follow whatever the trend is. So it’s not that we’re not available, it’s that you’re not available. So we feel like, oh, well, we shouldn’t be available. It’s really what it is. I would, you know, you guys obviously get people on the phone, so, so you see that we’re just following the trends.

And again, speaking for myself, I’m available, but if you’re not available, Hey, I’m taking a break too.

Yeah, people do that.

Tia, remember I called you a couple of weeks ago. I’m like, Hey, Tia, are you back from your taxis and vacation yet? She’s like, oh, I just got back today. You’ve got back.

It was already new. I was like, we gotta record the podcast. We gotta go start doing this stuff. Right.

Yeah, the people at the top set the standard. That’s just always my belief. Like whether you’re in a leadership position, sales service bureau, you set the standard for everyone under you. And not saying that people are puppets, what I’m saying is we follow, or people follow trends, they follow things.

Like one of the things that. You guys? Well, [00:13:00] what I love the most, and it may not be popular amongst the group, is you all really focus on mindset training. And that was so different for me. I actually started reading more books because of Ross’s mindset training. Like, oh, okay, well this, I feel something.

I feel good. Like the more I read it, the more I implement it. Okay, I love that. But. It’s because I was introduced to it. So now I’m learning more and doing more about mindset because I was introduced to it. And now Service Bureau Accelerator has set the standard that in order for you to be successful externally, internally, you have to also be successful.


But it’s how you start and how you launch it.

That’s something that has to constantly work. Ross is the master mindsetter.

He really is.

I strive. I strive. And this is like, and it’s a great kind of segueway too cause I also wanna like, dive in more like about like what is actually in our program. Like what do we actually do over here? Cause we’re talking like, okay, yeah, we’re around all the time, but what is it that we actually teach?

And, and that’s it, that’s a huge part of it because in the service bureau [00:14:00] accelerator program, obviously, it’s like, okay, we’re gonna set you up with a service bureau. We get your software set up, we help you come up with your name, the brand, and get the whole like software component of the business done and outta the way.

That’s one of the core components. But the next part is the training and it’s like, actually putting the tires to the road. It’s like how are we gonna go out and grow the business and actually be successful? And so we go through, Everything that you need to be successful.

And one thing that it does begin with is mindset and goal setting. It’s something that like, that so many people overlook in their business is they don’t set clear goals and without a clear goal. Where the fuck are you going in your business? Like, you don’t have any direction. So how are you going to achieve whatever you want to achieve?

You need to start with goal setting and then even further break it down to smaller bite size chunks. This is something I learned back talking about like books and personal development. This is some Anthony Robbins OG shit, but he would talk about chunking those goals, like break it down into small little bite size components that are much more attainable and easier to hit.

Cuz if you just [00:15:00] have a big, lofty goal, I wanna make a million dollars in my service bureau. It’s like, okay, that’s great. How are you gonna do that, right? If you don’t know what that means is, okay, year one, I need to hit this number. Year two, I need to hit this number. Even better, first quarter, I need to do these numbers, or even better, first month, this is what I need to be doing.

Or all the way down to a week by week and day by day process. And when you can drill those stuff down in your business, you really get clarity on what you need to be doing day in, day out. And as long as you stick to that and as long as you’re producing those numbers, Guess what?

You’re gonna hit that seven figures in your service bureau, but it all comes down to just kind of getting that clarity and setting that goal. And then conditioning your mind, and getting the right mindset right to be able to push through because we all hit barriers. Funny story, actually, we talked about this before we actually started this episode.

When we first launched Service Bureau Accelerator, we had no idea how we were gonna pitch or sell this. We didn’t even have any videos recorded. We’re like, we think this is what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna teach people these things, these ideas, these strategies, [00:16:00] but we really didn’t know how to present it.

Our first presentation, we got into so many like useless topics about what it means to be a service bureau that people left that webinar. Were like, okay, hang on. So what the hell’s the service Bureau?

Like it was just, it was bad. It was bad. Now, did we tuck our tails and just run away and be like, oh, shit, we can’t.

No. We’re like, all right. Let’s talk to people. Let’s see what are people still confused about? And let’s try and solve that in the next presentation. So we changed our presentation. Guess what? It got a little bit better, but people were still having questions. So we’re like, all right, let’s fix it. Let’s fix it.

We keep hitting roadblock and speed bump, and that’s just a part of life. That’s a part of business. But if you don’t have like, the mindset, and you know, the strategies to help you overcome those things, Yeah, you’re gonna struggle and you’re not gonna be successful. And so that’s a huge part of, like the first part of our service bureau accelerator program is getting the mindset right, getting the goals in place and everything like that so you can push through those barriers and be successful because you’re never gonna be successful on your very first attempt.

I see a [00:17:00] lot of people struggle, like just slow down because they wanna make sure everything’s perfect before they actually go out and launch their software. It’s like, well, guess what? Shit is never gonna be perfect. Everything is gonna break. You may think you’re gonna have the best deal, the best offer, that you can go out.

Everyone’s gonna wanna buy it. But you may launch and no one’s talking to you and you’re like, oh, maybe what I thought was great isn’t what my customers actually want. So why don’t we actually go out and start talking to people first and let’s build our product and build our program around.

Yeah, I think yeah, that first webinar is so bad. There’s, we still got people to sign up. No, don’t get me wrong. Like Tia.

People still bought. People still bought, but we’re gonna have way more.

It was also.


doesn’t make sense, but we trust you.

Was also to a warm audience. Right. But there are some people, like, there’s some people that I was like, I know they’ll be so good at this.

Like, Chandra, right? And she’s watching this Chandra, I’ll use this example publicly on the podcast. I called her up, I’m like, Chandra, what the fuck are you doing, right? You need to do this, like, straight up, you need to do this. She’s gonna go do some other stuff like that. You need to do this.

You’re gonna [00:18:00] make way more money. Trust me, and then she did. I think she made a nice chunk of change, right? So there were some people, I’m like, no, you’re gonna be so good at this. I had to personally call ’em up, be like, yo, and you gotta, you guys got the best deal.

Cause that was the cheapest day it ever was before it went public.

It was in life.

Yeah. Yep.

So and it was lifetime, right? Like everything’s lifetime. Well, we do have lifetime, so, that didn’t change really.


I’m saying a few terms and a contract changed.

A couple of terms changed.

But not my contract, so.

yours. No. The, I mean, look, the only thing that changed from before, like the very first year, that group, there’s unlimited. There’s no, I don’t like to use the word renewal, but there’s no, that’s just for lack of better words, let’s use renewal. Now this year, the past two years, there still is no renewal. But the way that it works, like you don’t have to pay us again for your tax software unless your service bureau and your licenses and all that, that doesn’t cost you anything.

Unless the contract term, this was there in the first one too. Unless the software’s completely changed the deal on us, which only Crosslink has done, which is [00:19:00] why we don’t really fucking sell it anymore. But the only thing that we did put in was a 200 bank product minimum for a service bureau. Now, if you’re a service bureau and your office, say your own tax office does a hundred bank products, It’s not hard to get another two offices that do 50 a piece, right?

200 Ben products for service Bureau is minuscule. It’s nothing, right? That’s like a bare minimum number. The only reason we added that is, I didn’t want, like what we saw the first year, people paid us money and then they didn’t even open their damn software. So how are you even gonna do anything, right?

So we didn’t want people to give us two grand, which is 1997, which our program costs right now. We don’t want people to pay us two grand and not do shit with it cuz nobody wins. So that 200 minimum, if you don’t hit it, it’s a thousand bucks to renew the accelerator portion, which is the coaching calls, the live events, the Facebook group, all that stuff.

If you don’t want to, that’s fine. You still have your software, you have your licenses, you have access to our support system. Like it’s all available to you. But we just added that one thing because I don’t like, [00:20:00] realistically, if you’re like, Hey, I want to pay you guys two grand and you don’t want to use the software, leverage it, build your, actually be committed to the service bureau, it’s probably not a good fit for you to be here.

Right. And that’s why we added it and it’s mostly to hopefully minimize people just buying and disappearing and us chasing them down, like, in the fall time to help them get enrolled cuz they’re just not existent. Right. So.

Yeah. Yeah. A big part of what we do in the program is it’s about helping you guys grow. Like, again, we’ve talked about this on another episode, I think we’ve talked about this earlier, is that, we grow when our members, when our service bureau members are growing their business, right?

We’re mutually aligned in this? And so if people jump in and they’re just like, ah, I got the software, but you know, I don’t think the service bureau is for me. It’s like, that’s fine. That’s fine. We’d rather you just not join in the first place. But if you do join and then down the road you realize that, hey, maybe it’s not a good fit.

That’s fine. You can keep the software, but we’re just not going gonna keep you in the coaching and the training, the community and everything like that, because that’s for people [00:21:00] actively growing, working on their service bureau and, you know, we want to keep working with those people and keep you guys engaged and keep you guys achieving results.

So we’ve got a Tia do you want to add anything on that?

Yeah, so

I saw, I saw, I saw.

Look, before I get to my messiness, let me have my notes. So, two things cuz you guys have always have these sayings and quotes. Life-changing, something that was just really life-changing that you guys speak on in the program, which I love. Again, another one of my favorites.

Community, let me know what you guys’ favorites is outside of the modules, is the pricing being competitive based on pricing versus being competitive based on value. And I never really understood that. Cause I’m like, what is, isn’t price and value?

But after being with you guys for so many years and you know, having the pleasure of being on the team, I’ve learned that there is a big difference between [00:22:00] pricing and value.

So now like, when one thing, Baldeep said one of his webinars, I don’t know, you know, when you’re pricing is just a race to the bottom. Like, what do you mean race to the bottom? Everybody loves a good deal and then now I understand. I understand. So like, can you explain it cuz that is like one of your signature phrases Baldeep, like, how does that play into Service Bureau?

Like our program, like what service per seller is, or what we train them on?

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

What we train on?

We train on.

Like, the value

proposition strategy.

Yeah, I mean, we’re, we’re,

I mean, value versus just pricing?

yeah. I mean, I think that a lot of people, and we’re actually, we’re gonna bring in some other strategies to help on the opposite side of these things. But I mean, I think the core thing when we launched this is we wanted to make sure people made their money back as fast as possible, right?

And you don’t make your money back fast if you’re charging rock bottom prices or giving away free software, it just doesn’t happen. Right? Sure, you could probably make it back on the markups you’re doing and all that other [00:23:00] stuff down the road, but if you wanna make, you know, there’s people that made 20, 30, 40, $50,000 or more. Just before tax season even started because they structure their packages, how we train, and it’s pretty straightforward, right? Like if you’re just selling software, it’s a race to the bottom, right? If just software tech support, it’s a race to the bottom. Cause there’s always somebody that’s gonna quote unquote, beat that deal.

So how do we package in value and make it worth it, right? How do we put together a program to sell something for a thousand, 2000, or some people now are selling three, $4,000 packages. So, that’s what we really trade on is how do you put together, kind of like when you guys, if you’ve watching this, you’ve been on our webinars, how we lay out, here’s all the things that are included.

Now, how do you put something that back together, break it down, think about what, you say you’re an ERO and you’re becoming a service bureau for the first time. What do you wish you had when you first started? Right? Let’s use that as a simple example, [00:24:00] right? Oh, I wish I had, you know, checklists, templates, what are things that you can provide your people that does not require a lot of your time to fulfill, right?

So you don’t have to spend a lot of hours. You could record it once and put it as part of your package, right? So how do you lay that out, put it together, and then subsequently create a presentation to sell it? So, I mean, we focus a lot on that. Is that kind of what you were referring to, Tia?

Yes. Value in. I think, what I learned the most was, or what I understand is that. It has less to do with the pricing and heavy on the value, like when you push the value so much, by the time you get to the pricing, people are ready to just like, you know, pull out their credit cards

and swipe.

Yeah, I mean, and that’s true, right? Like you wanna make sure that whatever price you’re selling something, so you’re selling something at a thousand bucks, right? For example, you wanna make sure that what you’re providing is worth a lot more than a thousand bucks, right? And software excluded from that.

Don’t even count the software value from that, are you providing [00:25:00] more for that thousand bucks than just the software, right? Cause all these other things are worth a thousand dollars, then that’s a no-brainer deal.

Yeah. And to give a little bit more context for people who are listening. Actually before I do this, by the way, if you guys are enjoying this episode so far, if you’re enjoying kind of like, you know, this discussions about all things related to Service Bureau. Wherever you’re watching this, if you give us a like, give us a subscribe, follow, comment below, you know, what your favorite parts of the episode.

I’d really love to see that engagement and you know, have you guys kind of follow along with our podcast episodes as we put this stuff out, or if there’s any talking points that you guys would be interested in learning more about. Let us know in the comments and then we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on that and have some ideas for future episodes.

But to give a little bit more context on value and packaging. One of our earlier episodes, we talked about some revenue models of the service bureau. Like how can you go out and grow your service bureau? And so we talk about things like an academy or a business in a box, right? Or like a software package.

And so I wanna just use the business in a box because probably a lot of people it’s a little bit more relevant or, they’ve heard of that before where you’re putting [00:26:00] together a bunch of other kind of trainings and strategies that you’re teaching people, whether they’re like prepares and they’re ready to go out on their own and start their own tax office.

You want to give them the guidance and the strategies like A to Z. Here’s how you go and get your, Ethan. Here’s how you set up your company. Here’s how you. You don’t put together offers and incentives to acquire more customers for your business. At the end of the day, while yes, the service bureau, you’re selling software, no one really wants to just go and buy software.

Like they don’t like no one like ERO’s and shit. They don’t, they’re like, oh, I love this software. I’m gonna, no. What they want is they want to grow their business, right? That’s what they’re looking for. And so if you can create some sort of a program with your software that’s gonna help them grow their business and the software is just a part of that package.

That’s how you’re really gonna be able to unlock a lot of sales and actually un and generate a lot more customers because you’re helping them grow their business. You’re not just selling software, slapping your logo on it, cranking up the fees. You’re actually giving them results in their business and you’re helping them grow.

That is a much more appealing, you know, proposition to someone when you can put that into [00:27:00] an offer. And so, there’s an analogy in our program, we, I kind of talk about like tipping the scales. It’s at that point where, the amount of value, the amount of offers and trainings and everything that you’re gonna package in with your software is so valuable that those scales versus the price that they have to pay those scales just tip and then it becomes a no-brainer.

If for example, if I were to tell you guys, Hey, bring me $10,000 cash by the end of the day and I’m gonna give you a brand new Ferrari car. Guess what? Everyone’s gonna find that Grant 10 grant, they’re gonna find that money. Cause they’re like, well shit, I know that the $10,000 that I’m gonna give you is where is the Ferrari is worth way more.

So I’m gonna do whatever I can do to go and get you that money. That’s if you can sell like that and if you can present your package where there’s so much value that it just becomes a no-brainer where people are just like, I’m in, here’s my money, you know? That’s how we like to sell ’em.

That’s how we like to do it. Now you gotta make sure that the value that you’re actually delivering is actually kind of worth that, right? You like, don’t just, you know, just don’t just bullshit your way through that, obviously deliver [00:28:00] that value. But if you can put that together and you can really structure a package that is just so much more valuable than what they’re currently getting, that is how you’re gonna unlock like a massive flood of customers joining your service bureau and using your software because of the amount of value,

And I think to add to that, a lot of people, if you’re watching this and you’re not part of the group, you’re like, well, how do I do that? What can I offer? Like, we’ve seen that over the past couple of years. So some of the new things we’re doing with this year with the service accelerators, we’re giving you the shit to offer.

So that you don’t have to think about it like it’s already included, right? So that also I think goes a long way. And then what we do with the Service Bureau Accelerator every year is like two years ago when people OG Group, as t said right, two years ago, people sign up, oh, a lot of people wanna do academies or Biz in a box, right?

But, and we broke down. Here’s how you lay it out. Here’s how you put together, here’s everything you need to know about putting together a program. But then, People struggled on what? Recording videos. Oh, I’m not confident in my content. I’m not confident in this. I’m not confident in that. Or I don’t have, I don’t. I’m just [00:29:00] stuck. So what do we do the following year?

Hey Tia. How don’t you record a bunch of videos that are not branded that other people can leverage for their servers bureau. All right, cool. It may cost a little extra money for you to buy it. Sure. Cuz it’s not, it’s extra value, right? So we’re not charging you yearly, but hey, you may want this extra thing that’ll help you just get outta your own way and go out and sell.

All right, cool. Here’s a bunch of stuff you can do and this year we actually included a bunch of stuff for free with the program so that people aren’t stuck with value added packages for their service bureau, which is provided for you. Right. And then as you develop over time, you’ll get the confidence and you’ll make your own, and you’ll make your own spin on things. So yeah, that’s definitely something that over the years gets improved on for sure.

And regardless of you being the OG or 3.01 the things, and this is like invaluable, think about your process when you first [00:30:00] clicked on that webinar, how you went through, you scheduled a call with someone, how they made you feel. Think about that entire process. That’s literally what the Service Bar Accelerator is teaching you.

When and I know it was like one time we were on the call and we’re also trying to break all these things down. I don’t know if it was you or Baldeep, but you were like, think about what you went through. That’s where it teaching you. Everyone’s like, oh, Uhhuh. Oh, so we just do what was done to us. Okay. Got it.

Remember what made you wanna pay us two grand? Well, this is what you need to do.

That’s what.

This is what you need to do. So you other people pay you two grand, right? Or a thousand or 3000, whatever you’re charging. Right? You need to break it.

It was like broken down, baby talk.

Yeah and I think, oh, we’re getting close to the end here, but I think a lot of people, and I definitely wanna cover this more in depth on another episode, but I think a lot of people get too stuck on, oh, I want to automate my business.

I want to be hands off. I don’t wanna speak to people. They get this idea in their head that they can build a [00:31:00] passive hands off automated business, and I’m sorry to say, it’s not, you’re gonna, it’s not how it works. You’re gonna spin your wheels.

Talk your shit.

You’re gonna spin your wheels, you’re not gonna make any fucking money while people that put in the work, you can get to automated.

Like you can get a bit more hands off, but you have to know what the fuck it is.

There’s a ton of stuff. That mean, Baldeep, you’ve been gone for like a month and a half base. I mean, you’ve been in and out, but you’ve been moving and everything. And it’s like, guess what? The business doesn’t stop. Just because you’re gone.

Sales were made.

keeps running. There’s tons of, sales are coming in, webinars are running.

There’s still tons of stuff that I used to do in the business that I don’t have to deal with anymore.

But here’s the thing.

To that level.

But you have to get to that point.

You have to know what the fuck you’re doing first before you can like we can’t just stick somebody, oh, hey, dude just go do my webinar. Ross can do it cuz he helped me write it. Right. And he’s heard me do it a million times and he is done webinars and he is practiced it, but not somebody off the street.

Right. We can’t just stick somebody on a sales call and say, all right, cool, here’s a sales, it’s not gonna work well. Right? So [00:32:00] we have to script it out. We have to do trainings, we have to do this, we have to build out processes. Like that’s what any business, and I think a lot of people get hung up on the fact that, oh, I could just hire a VA or I could just put somebody in place.

But if you don’t give ’em the steps, and the expect if you don’t know the

the process and know what they’re supposed to do.


Yeah, it’s not get rich quick, like it’s,


It is definitely a building process.

And speaking on that building process. Before we wrap up real quick, Baldeep, do you wanna pull up the what’s included in our program.


Because all of everything that we’ve been talking about, all this stuff, like creating a sales process, creating a presentation, like this is what we actually show you guys in the program.

Let me pull that up.

Like, we’re not just talking, we’re not just waffling about like theory and stuff. We actually get into this in great details with all of our training that we have in our program from A to Z.

Again, like I said at the beginning, we start with our mindset and goal setting, but we can, the first section here, we can maybe gloss over this really quickly.

So basically, again, like I said, at the end of the day, [00:33:00] our program, the core product, like, yeah, you’re getting a service bureau, you’re getting your service bureau software set up. So we go through onboarding with you. We collect all the information, we do a whole branding. We set up your branding, we create your logo, create your brand assets for your software brand because you’re gonna get your own branded software.

So we help guide you through that, and then our team goes to work and we put all this stuff together. We build the software, we set it up, deliver it to you. Here you go. While after we deliver the software to you, we then have an entire, like service bureau operations as a software training where we actually teach you how to use the software as a service bureau.

A lot of you guys understand how to use software as like tax repairs on the front end, you’re doing tax returns, but when you become a service bureau, there’s a whole new side of the software on the backend where you are now the one in full control. You issue licenses. You set up your ERO’s on the software, you set up their credentials, their login credentials, their security permissions.

You are now in full control and you have full permissions. So we teach you guys how to do that because one thing we’ve seen is as people get more and more confidence in the software and actually how to do these setups. Now they’re like, [00:34:00] okay, now I understand the process A to Z. Now I can go talk to people and sell them because I know what my next steps are.

So that’s a huge part of it. And then again, included, we’ve talked about this in before, software tech support package that is included in the program. So whenever one of your customers, maybe their prepares, gets a weird bug in the software or doesn’t know how to navigate something, there’s a phone number that’s placed directly inside your software.

They can just call. And they can get someone on the phone for tech support and help them get navigated through it. They’re not gonna teach them how to do a tax return, but they’re gonna show them how to navigate through the software. So that’s kind of the first part of our program, which is like getting the service bureau set up and launched.

And then we dive into the actual training. So this is like, this is the business strategies. So we kick things off with the playbook, which is basically just kind of breaking down the industry inside and out, understanding the different revenue models, understanding, you know, the path to success on how to actually go out and grow a successful service bureau and what that’s gonna look like for you.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, there’s a thousand different ways you can go out and grow your service bureau. This will help give you a [00:35:00] lot of ideas and structure and what we’ve seen work the best. So you can kind of take that and choose how you want to go out and grow the business. After that, once we got clarity on, okay, how are we gonna grow the business?

Now how are we actually gonna sell? So the first thing, we always dive into is creating your packages. Creating your offers. What am I gonna sell? What am I packaging? We talked about value on this episode, right? What am I gonna put together in my program? What is included? What is the name of it?

How much am I gonna sell it for? Because without that, how are you gonna go in market? How are you gonna go and advertise? How are you gonna talk to people or sell if you don’t even know what you’re offering? Right? So getting clarity on that will allow you to be, then be able to really kind of determine how you’re gonna actually sell it.

Which then leads us to the marketing mastery. So we have like, what is it, 11 different strategies, different marketing strategies that you guys can deploy including like an entire step-by-step paid ad campaign. It’s kind of, like, I think when we put this together, it’s like, oh no, they gotta pay for these ads, but we’re like, you know what?

Screw it. Let’s throw it in there.

Yeah, and soon that’s gonna [00:36:00] blow that off.

Yeah. And there’s a ton, tons of new stuff that we’re constantly developing. This little offer stack actually changes every year cause we just keep adding more and more.

And to be fair, there’s a lot of stuff that’s in there that we don’t even bring up here cuz it’s like, there’s just.


Like, this doesn’t make sense.

You’re not ready.

It’s not even that You’re not ready.

It’s like, there’s just like so much stuff that we have, we’re like, yeah, we could talk about it, but it’s let’s, it’s just there, right?

It’s just there. Like, you’ll see it when you’re in there. Like, oh, I didn’t know I was gonna get that. And it’s just there. But yeah. Oh, you wanna keep going or you wanna kind of just.

Sure. Yeah. Yeah. I’ll keep, keep ripping through. There’s a couple more things here. So Tax Nitro Marketing package, this is a huge other thing. And I’ve seen this a lot, where people you know, they get their software and they’re like, okay, well I need a website now.

I need a calendar page. I need a checkout page. I need all this tech and stuff set up before I have the confidence to talk to someone. Cuz if they ask me, well, what’s my website? And in all honestly, as someone personally, I’ve probably sold. I know if [00:37:00] I’m getting close to seven figures now, probably in sales, but I’ve sold a lot of packages and I’ve sold a lot of programs.

High ticket three, four, $5,000 packages, like without a website. Without someone seeing a website, you don’t need it in honesty. But a lot of people need that for the confidence. So another thing that we, that is new this year, where if you do decide to sign up with a tax nitro subscription, we’re gonna go and build out your service bureau package or your service bureau website with a calendar page like a checkout page, a booking link and everything so that you don’t have to do all that heavy lifting.

We’re just gonna set up for you, so you’ve got all your links, you can send it to people, they can book on your calendar, they can buy your package directly off your website. All of it’s set up for you. And then in addition, we mentioned earlier about coming up with value. We’ve got a software value asset package, so there’s tons of like done for you trainings and resources that we’re gonna just package into your tax nitro account.

So when someone buys your package, boom, they’ll automatically get access to all these additional trainings. You can go and add to it, remove some stuff, whatever you want to do, you’ll have full control. So that’s like the core [00:38:00] offer of like the actual training. Again,

You know what, we’ll do another episode, we’ll do another episode where we’ll break down. Like we’ll go in and we’ll show people, hey, this is what’s in here. And yeah, we’ll

do all of that. There’s just, there’s so much, and that’s where the webinar is a really good thing. So again, for you guys, like, there’s again, unlimited software license fees. We’ve got support channels, we’ve got our coaching calls that we do weekly. We’ve got our private Facebook group. There’s no yearly fees.

All that stuff is there, for anyone, if you guys are listening to this and you’re like, God, this sounds amazing. The best way, if you’re interested in getting started, Head on over to our website@servicebureauaccelerator.com. You can just Google search service bureau accelerator, find us on YouTube, find us anywhere.

We’ll have all the links in the show notes as well. So if you’re listening to this podcast, head on over to our website, schedule in for one of our upcoming webinars. The webinar will break down everything we do them live. We have tons of time for Q&A afterwards as well. And then after the webinar, you’re gonna be able to book in a call with one of our team members who can go over any last questions you have, make sure the program’s a good fit.

And walk you through the process of getting started. So again links are down below in the show notes and the [00:39:00] descriptions. Service bureau accelerator.com you can book in for a webinar. That’s the best way to to begin your journey with jumping into our program.

That was cute guys. That was really cute.

Yeah, we’re starting to get fancier with all this.

I approve.

People always ask us, so here’s the thing, guys, again, we’ve sold, this is our third year selling this program. We don’t, when people are like, oh, can you email something? We’re like we’ll send you the recording of a webinar. Like, what do you want? Like, oh no, can you gimme like a pdf, something to read?

We’re like, well, what the fuck? Just, just buy Like, I don’t know what you wanna read.

Because we’re virtual learners.

Exactly. But here’s the thing. Everyone thinks they gotta get fancy. They gotta have all this shit to sell. This is our third year when we finally have a PDF F that we can email.

Yeah, we never had it.

And people think, we never had it.

And so many people will come in and they’ll be like, well, no, I gotta have a PDF to send something. Because what happens if, you know what, don’t worry about that shit until it actually happens. Stop getting in your way. Go out, take massive action. And that’s what we’re gonna show you how to do in the Service Bureau Accelerator program.

Get outta your own goddamn way. Go out and sell some shit. Sign people up, make some money, and let’s have fun.

Service Bureau [00:40:00] Accelerator dealer.

All right. Well, let’s think. That’s a good note to wrap it up. Thanks again guys, for being here. Remember there’s links in the show notes, like, subscribe on YouTube on whatever you’re listening on. Oh. Yeah. If you were listening on something else we were sharing or screen. So you may wanna check out the YouTube to see that.

But all right. We’ll go ahead and wrap it up. We’ll see you on the next episode.