Service Bureau Operations & Training

At the Service Bureau Accelerator, we recognize that while many of you are already familiar with using tax software to prepare returns, there’s a whole new level of expertise to be gained when operating the software as a Service Bureau. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire section of our program to Service Bureau Operations Training.

In this comprehensive training, we’ll guide you through every aspect of managing your software. From the initial setup process to enrolling your customers onto your software, we’ll cover it all. This includes important tasks such as setting up new licenses, creating login credentials for your customers, and configuring security permissions to ensure a seamless experience.

To support your learning journey, we provide you with on-demand training videos that you can access at your convenience. Additionally, we offer multiple one-on-one walkthrough calls where our experts will break down each part of the software, ensuring that you become a master at navigating through it.

Based on our extensive experience working with over 500 service bureaus, we’ve observed that once you have a solid foundation in understanding how the software works, you’ll gain the confidence of being a software expert. This expertise will not only enhance your operational efficiency but also help you close more deals and successfully onboard new EROs onto your software.

We understand the importance of equipping your clients with the necessary knowledge to make the most of their software experience. That’s why our program includes training videos specifically designed for your clients, accessible directly from within their software.

It’s essential to note that this training is unparalleled in the tax industry. We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive and practical education possible. Rest assured, this valuable training is included in our program package, giving you the tools and expertise needed to excel as a Service Bureau.