Platinum Software Tech Support Package

One of the biggest hurdles you’ll face when trying to build a Service Bureau is providing reliable and efficient tech support for your clients. That’s why we are proud to offer our industry-leading Platinum Software Tech Support package as part of our program.

When you venture into starting your own service bureau directly through software companies directly, you’re typically required to either provide your own tech support or pay an additional fee for their support services. We believe that your time should be focused on growing your business, not dealing with the complexities of managing tech support.

With our program, you’ll receive a dedicated phone number that will be prominently displayed on your software. This means that anyone using your software can call that number and receive top-notch support. Say goodbye to the hassle of hiring and training your own tech support reps or paying exorbitant fees for support services.

Here’s how it works: Through our extensive network, we have negotiated a comprehensive service contract with one of the leading software support companies in the industry. This company handles overflow support calls for a prominent software provider, which speaks to their expertise and reliability. They even ramp up their call floor during tax season to ensure that every caller receives prompt assistance.

By joining our program, you gain the advantage of leveraging our established support relationships. If you were to create a service bureau directly with the software companies directly, they would require you to handle all tech support for your clients. Alternatively, you could pay them a hefty fee of $2500 for 200 phone calls, with an additional cost of $13 for each additional phone call over 200, even if it’s only 1 minute long! Our Platinum Software Tech Support package eliminates these burdensome costs and responsibilities.

With our program, you can rest assured that your clients will always have access to professional and timely support. This is just one of the many benefits we offer to help you build a successful service bureau and focus on what truly matters – growing your business.