Service Bureau Value Asset Package

When starting out as a Service Bureau, it’s natural to wonder why clients would choose your software over others. Here’s the truth: in most cases, those clients receive nothing more than just software and tech support from their current software provider. What do you receive from yours?

At the Service Bureau Accelerator, we believe in providing our members with the key to generating massive sales and rapid growth: positioning their software package with value-added training and resources. We encourage you to offer “more than just software” to not only enhance customer retention but also gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

While this concept may seem simple, we understand that many struggle to come up with additional trainings, resources, or value adds that they can confidently create and package with their software offers. That’s why, for the first time ever, we have taken the guesswork out of it and developed a Software Value Asset Package exclusively for those who enroll in our program and sign up for Tax Nitro. 

This comprehensive package is designed to equip you with a series of bonus trainings, resources, and strategies that you can offer your customers alongside your software. These assets are carefully crafted to deliver massive value and help your clients grow their businesses.

By leveraging this Software Value Asset Package, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and provide more value to your clients, ultimately attracting more offices to sign up for your software. With this unique offering, you’ll be able to go beyond the standard software and tech support, setting your Service Bureau apart in the industry.